Real Country Sausage

Our Real Country Sausage has no preservatives and is homemade with our family’s 100 year old recipe.

Country Sausage

Our Real Country Sausage is truly a taste of the South.  It is seasoned perfectly to please your taste, whether you are looking for a flavorful mild, spicy hot or extra sage. Real Country Sausage will remind you of the old fashioned, farm fresh, country sausage you remember eating at your grandparents.

Homemade and hand tied links.

Our sausage links are all made with fresh premium cuts of pork, unlike commercialized sausages that are packed with fillers to stretch volume and product.  Our links are cased in natural pork casing that when cooked correctly give you that “pop” that a good sausage should have.  We take the time to spin each link by hand, which gives them a beautiful authentic rustic look. Real Country Sausage is becoming more popular for our homemade and hand tied links each summer because of the high quality pork and seasoning that we pride ourselves in.  Brats, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Polish and Country links available.

Breakfast Links

Breakfast links are made with the same sausage blend and seasoning that our fresh Real Country Sausage has. For best results cook slow and turn often.  These casings are not plastic like others so therefore cannot accept the rapid high heat.

Frozen Patties

Real Country Sausage patties are sold frozen but many customers will thaw them before cooking, but not necessary.  Our patties come in several different sizes and sold in bulk 8 lb boxes or small packs of 12 pieces.  Sausage patties are quick and easy for the morning rusher.  Just throw into the pan and 5 minutes you’re eating.